Made to Order

Signature Cakes come in four sizes in Classic & Epic styles. The Epic style is topped with a mound of toasted meringue, and several macarons and baked meringues. Colour customization may cost extra. Personalized macarons add $2. Starting prices for each style are listed with each size below. 4″ – $45/$49 (serves 3-5ish) 6″ –… Read more »

Vanilla Funfetti

Vanilla Funfetti cake with rainbow sprinkles throughout, vanilla funfetti buttercream, and our house-made birthday cookie crumble inside. You can choose your favourite colour for the baked meringues and the white chocolate drip.

Cookies & Cream

This is our best selling Signature cake. Chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream blended with house-made chocolate cookie crumbs, fudge sauce, chocolate ganache drip, and topped with our classic meringues, macarons, and sprinkles. Go Epic for a mound of toasted meringue and even more macarons and baked meringues.

Lemon Cream

Lemon cake filled with vanilla buttercream and lemon curd. Topped with vanilla buttercream and finished in our signature Classic or Epic style.

Chocolate Raspberry

Another Signature chocolate cake, filled with raspberry buttercream and raspberry compote, topped with chocolate ganache drip, macarons and baked meringues.

Lemon Raspberry

Lemon cake layered with in-house lemon curd filling and raspberry compote, surrounded with raspberry buttercream. Classic is finished with white chocolate drip and classy toppings, Epic adds a mound of toasted meringue, macarons, and baked meringues.