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Ordering Information

Lead Time.

Quality takes no short cuts. We make all of the many components of our cakes in-house, from scratch, and we don't keep a lot of stock on-hand because we want you to have the best and freshest product every time. In order to do this with as little waste as possible, these are the minimum lead times for our pre-ordered products:

  • Signature Cakes: 7 days
  • Baked Goods: 2 days
  • Take & Bake: 24 hours
  • Custom Cakes: 10 days or more

To Go Cakes?

Did you miss the cut-off time for your cake order? There's still a chance to get a cake without anyone realizing you waited until the last minute. Each day we make some extra cakes after we've attentively completed our pre-orders. Size and flavour varies. We are not able to customize To Go cakes. These are available on a first-come-first served basis, and are only available when they're finished. Watch our Instagram account for To Go cakes or call the shop during regular hours and ask "Do you have any To Go cakes available?"


Our cake and baked goods delivery service is provided by Swift Time. We do our best to schedule deliveries at the time that you request, but we cannot guarantee an exact time of arrival. We attempt to complete your delivery in the two-hour time window around the time that you request, please be there to receive your delivery at that time. (If no one is home, we may need to have the cake returned to our shop and we will not make a 2nd attempt at delivery.)


Some of our recipes may self-identify as flourless or nut-free or dairy-free, but our bakery uses flour, dairy, nuts, eggs, and all kinds of allergens and it’s a small place. If you have any allergies or sensitivities to specific ingredients, please use caution and feel free to ask us for information that could help you make the best decision for your needs. Although we make our best efforts, we can’t guarantee cross-contamination has not occurred. (Nanaimo bars contain walnuts, macarons contain almond flour, peanut butter cookies/peanut butter squares/peanut butter brownies contain peanuts)

Signature Cakes Baked Goods Take & Bake

Signature Cakes

Baked Goods