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Zoom Birthday Cakes!

$99.00 Lead time: 7 days. It's your 2nd time around the sun during the pandemic, and you're dreading another video call birthday party. This year, you can maintain your distance and still share your cake. Get TWO Sugared and Spiced Epic Mini Cakes in identical style and colours. Each 4" cake serves 1 to 5 people and is topped with a mound of toasted meringue, 6 mini meringues (you pick the colours or let us choose for you) and a macaron. One cake says "Happy Birthday to You!" and the other cake says "Happy Birthday to Me!" Videoconferencing lets you share sights and sounds of your friends and loved ones on your special day, and now you can share the tastes and textures of a Sugared and Spiced cake too!

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