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What is the Sugared & Spiced Difference?

The difference is easy to see when you walk through our door or slice into our cake. We don't like short cuts, we don't compromise. At another bakery, you get a cake and frosting. At Sugared & Spiced you get a cake, Italian buttercream made in house from real butter, fruit curd that started as real fruit in our kitchen, meringues baked here, and macarons made by our bakers. 

What does "From Scratch" really mean?

The majority of processing happens to our ingredients after they arrive in our shop. We make our cakes, buttercreams, fillings, and toppings from ingredients like butter, milk, white sugar, brown sugar, all purpose flour, lemons, and limes. Our eggs are delivered weekly by Marius from Four Whistle Farms.

No pre-mixed fillings or frostings. No cake mixes.

Watch our YouTube series "What does From Scratch really mean?" to see how we do things at Sugared & Spiced. (COMING SOON)

What's the difference between a Classic and an Epic cake?

Classic & Epic cakes are all finished with a chocolate (or white chocolate) drip, baked meringues, macarons, and sprinkles. Epic cakes include a mound of toasted meringue and more baked meringues and macarons than Classic cakes of the same size. Otherwise, the cakes are the same.

  • Classic 4": 1 macaron, 6 meringues
    Epic 4": toasted meringue, 1 macaron, 6 meringues
  • Classic 6": 3 macarons, 9 meringues
    Epic 6": toasted meringue, 4 macarons, 12 meringues
  • Classic 8": 4 macarons, 12 meringues
    Epic 8": toasted meringue, 5 macarons, 15 meringues

Do you have cakes available if I didn't pre-order?

Pre-ordering your cake is always the best plan, but sometimes things don't go according to the plan. Every day we finish all of the pre-ordered cakes first. Then, we look at what prep work we will need to do for the next day's pre-orders. If we think we'll have time, we make as many To Go cakes as we can.

The way to get a To Go cake is to watch our Instagram account to see what we post there (usually within the first hour of the shop opening for that day). If there is something there that you would like to purchase, call the shop right away, with a credit card ready, and claim it! If you try to DM us on Instagram or email us, there's a good chance we'll miss you and someone else will get it (mostly because the phone is louder).

How should I store my cake?

Your cake will taste best at room temperature. That means you'll want to take it out of the fridge about 4 hrs before you eat it.

If you need to keep your cake in the fridge for a day or more before your event, take it out at least 4 hrs before you plan to enjoy it.

Wondering how much space you need to make in your fridge? A 4" cake is packaged in a 6"x6"x6" box. A 6" cake is packaged in an 8"x8"x8" box. An 8" cake is packaged in a 10"x10"x8" box.

If you will be picking up your cake less than 4 hrs before eating it, let us know and we can take it out of the cooler in advance.

If our pick-up hours are making it difficult for you to schedule picking up your cake, consider placing your order for a day earlier; your cake will hold up very well in the fridge for a few days.

Why does it take so long?

Quality takes time. Many of our products take several days or more to prepare. Our Signature cakes are finished with many different components, all made from scratch in-house, and some of these take several days to complete. In order for our 'small-batch, from-scratch' philosophy to translate to a viable business, efficiency is very important. As a result we need to cater to the type of customer who plans ahead.

Can I freeze my cake?

Our cakes are intended to be enjoyed fresh, and at room temperature. However, if the circumstances arise where freezing is appropriate, you can freeze your cake (in the cake box it came in) for several weeks. Be sure to let it come to room temperature before you enjoy it.

Do you make [flavour that is not on the menu] cake?

Sometimes. We do feature seasonal flavours that may not currently be on the menu, but if the flavour you would like to order for later this month is not on the menu today, it will not be available that soon.

We also can develop custom flavours. Please keep in mind - this is not a service in the same category as our Signature cakes. Recipe development is done by a team of professional bakers at an hourly rate.

Fondant or decorated sugar cookies?

We don't use fondant in our shop, and only very occasionally decorate sugar cookies. Many other great bakeries and cake shops in Edmonton can help you with these requests.

What's the difference between toasted meringue and baked meringues?

Educational video coming soon.

What's the difference between a macaron and a macaroon?

Coming soon.