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Take & Bake Raspberry White Chocolate Scones


You might remember these from such lists as The Tomato Top 100 Best Things to Eat or Drink in Edmonton 2018. Known by some in the community as the Best Scone in Edmonton, our much loved Raspberry White Chocolate Scones were removed from the menu in 2020 when we made big changes in our back alley operation in reaction to the unpredictable changes that were happening all around us. This was met with a great sadness in the RWC Scone-loving scene, and we felt your pain. When you tell enough of your friends to come buy these and we can't keep up, we'll bring them back to the regular menu, but until then you'll have to watch close for moments like these.

THIS IS THE FROZEN, UNBAKED VERSION THAT YOU KEEP IN YOUR FREEZER FOR SCONE EMERGENCIES. These come complete with a ziploc bag and baking instructions.

Pre-order your 6-pack of Take & Bake RWC Scones for the last weekend of Mayy.

Available pick up times:
Friday, May 24 (between noon and 5pm)
Saturday, May 25 (between 10am and 3pm)
Sunday, May 26 (between noon and 3pm)


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